case study

Jo+Jax is a leader in dancewear, creating some of the most unique, innovative and comfortable dance and active wear in the market.


Jo+Jax’s previous eCommerce solution running on Magento was complex and difficult to use. The store thus needed a platform with greater flexibility and one which would provide the necessary scalability for future expansion into new markets. Their ecommerce growth was stagnating, and a lot of the fear was attributed to that they felt the platform takes too much housekeeping every month instead of allowing their team to focus on business side of things.


Jo+Jax & CRISP took another approach to the eCommerce project to support the growth Jo+Jax needed with their eCommerce strategy. Re-platforming their store on to Shopify with full order & customer histories and re-starting development of the site with a growth mindset very quickly provided very positive results and triggered new growth development to a point where the pace of growth has never been higher, and the results have been far beyond Jo+Jax’s expectations.

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